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February 2011

Burgundy introduces LiquidMetrix for the Nordic Region

LiquidMetrix and Burgundy provide Liquidity Battlemaps for Nordic indices.

NEWS RELEASE: London, Stockholm 28 February 2011

Burgundy, in conjunction with LiquidMetrix, is now distributing Nordic “Liquidity Battlemaps” for the indices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. This will help trading firms to capitalise on the opportunities presented by multiple trading venues in the Nordic markets.

With the launch of Burgundy, investors in Nordic stocks are able to access an additional source of liquidity. However, to determine how best to make use of the opportunities presented by alternative Nordic execution venues, trading firms need access to the right tools to ensure they are achieving best execution for themselves and on behalf of their clients. In addition to basic market share figures, firms will be interested in market quality statistics such as bid/offer spreads, order book depths and the percentage of time particular venues offer best prices.

“We are very glad that LiquidMetrix have started to include Liquidity Battlemaps for the Nordic indices in their offering. LiquidMetrix offers a great tool for the Nordic firms to use when analyzing post-trade statistics and this can help firms to improve their best execution strategy,” says Olof Neiglick, CEO of Burgundy.

Sabine Toulson, Managing Director of Intelligent Financial Systems commented, "Since launching our LiquidMetrix Best Execution services to coincide with the implementation of MiFID, it has been fascinating to watch the evolution of alternative liquidity sources in European markets. The Nordic markets have become particularly interesting to traders across Europe over the last 12 months and our weekly Nordic LiquidMetrix Battlemaps provide a useful overview of the market to help identify where opportunities for price improvement and additional trading liquidity exist. In addition to this pre-trade snapshot we have extended our LiquidMetrix WorkStation execution quality analysis tools to allow firms to identify if their trades are achieving Best Execution, and if not, where and how they can benefit from improved prices and increased liquidity.”

For further information:

Intelligent Financial Systems: Mark Holloway, Product Manager, +44 (0)20 7395 5561
Burgundy: Olof Neiglick, CEO, +46 70 554 5224

About Intelligent Financial Systems

Intelligent Financial Systems (IFS) is a London based software and market data company providing a range of historical and real time market data analysis solutions. IFS have developed a suite of services under the LiquidMetrix brand focused on analysing execution quality, transaction costs analysis, Best Execution compliance and pre-trade cost prediction for Europe’s increasingly fragmented equity markets. These services operate using a proprietary multi-terabyte database of full depth order book data covering major European equity Exchanges and MTFs and are delivered via its LiquidMetrix WorkStation terminal.

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About Burgundy

Burgundy is an exchange that will strengthen the Nordic region as a financial hub. Burgundy offers a high-performance and cost-efficient securities trading service with trading in more than 1,000 Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish listed securities. The offer also includes a listing and trading service for warrants, certificates, ETFs and structured products. Leading Nordic banks and securities trading firms who represent about half of the Nordic equity trading volume are shareholders of Burgundy. Retail or institutional investors can trade on Burgundy via one of Burgundy’s trading participants. Burgundy is an exchange that operates a regulated market and a multilateral trading facility (MTF) and is authorized and regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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