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Sep 2015

Ullink teams up with LiquidMetrix to offer cutting edge post trade analytics services

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The service is immediately available to all members of Ullink’s global NYFIX trading community


LONDON, 10 September 2015 . Ullink, a leading global provider of electronic trading and connectivity services to the financial community, today announced a new partnership with LiquidMetrix, experts in financial data research and execution quality analysis. The partnership enables Ullink to provide its global community of market participants trading over Ullink’s NYFIX network with cutting edge post-trade analytics powered by LiquidMetrix analytics.

The partnership targets the growing need for post-trade analysis and reporting driven by Regulators’ focus on Best Execution. Ullink is addressing this by providing auto-generated reports on execution performance for all orders carried by its NYFIX trading network. Indicators ranging from classic Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) to more advanced measures like Venue Toxicity are available for members who opt-in for the service, providing insight to help optimise trading strategies, and assisting with regulatory, management and client reporting.

The service is initially targeted to buy-side clients but will be extended with sell-side offerings in the future. No additional software or configuration changes are required for existing NYFIX clients to access the service.

Ullink identified LiquidMetrix as a strategic partner based on its recognised expertise in financial market data research and execution quality analysis. The TCA methods LiquidMetrix has developed are uniquely suited to reflect modern multi-venue trading realities, including the modelling of venue latency effects, which allows for realistic performance analysis on both algorithmic and Smart Order Routed trade flows at a micro level.

“Best Execution analysis and TCA has become a must-have for our clients, and we are thrilled to be able to address their needs with our new offering,” commented Richard Bentley, Chief Strategy Officer for Ullink. “We knew from the outset that to provide this service we needed the support of experts. The pedigree of LiquidMetrix, and their capability to drill down to micro level analysis, is unrivalled in the market and gives our clients the tools they need in this fast-moving space.”

Sabine Toulson, Managing Director of IFS LiquidMetrix, added, “Ullink’s NYFIX trading community is one of the largest in the world and we are excited to be able to offer our capabilities to its members. By offering several tiers of service, we are able to cater for the needs of all members of the community, and instantly add new capabilities should their needs change.”


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About Ullink
Ullink is a global provider of market leading multi-asset trading technology and infrastructure for buy-side and sell-side market participants. Trusted by over 150 of the world’s top-tier banks and brokers, the company provides consistent, reliable access to the most current and innovative trading solutions available. Since 2001, Ullink has established itself as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the industry.

In 2014 Ullink acquired NYFIX and Metabit from the New York Stock Exchange, further expanding its product offering by creating one of the industry’s largest FIX based trading communities.

The combined company manages over 450 trading platforms daily, is connected to more than 100 of the world’s leading liquidity and exchange venues and offers over 700 different FIX and API adapters. Ullink has offices in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Manila, São Paulo, Cluj and Sydney.

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About LiquidMetrix
LiquidMetrix is the flagship brand of Intelligent Financial Systems Limited (IFS)*, an independent provider of trade execution quality analysis to Tier 1 banks, brokers, asset managers and exchange and trading venues. The LiquidMetrix suite of services offers trading firms an independent assessment of best execution, transaction cost analysis and pre-trade cost prediction across fragmented global securities markets. Combined with a surveillance service to detect market abuse and a counterparty profitability measure to identify toxic flow on the other side of a trade, the LiquidMetrix suite of products provide sell-side and buy-side clients with actionable intelligence to measure and improve trading performance.

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* LiquidMetrix is a brand of Intelligent Financial Systems, an independently operated company within the Asset International Group of companies


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