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January 2012

LiquidMetrix coverage expanded to US Equities with Activ Financial

Best in Class US Equity Data to Increase market coverage of LiquidMetrix products

NEWS RELEASE: New York/London– January 9, 2012

Activ Financial, a global provider of fully managed low-latency and enterprise market data solutions, today announced that Intelligent Financial Systems (IFS), a London based research and market data analysis company providing a range of historical and real-time solutions, selected Activ’s US equity market data to drive research and analytics for its LiquidMetrix WorkStation product suite and new coverage of North American markets.

Clients will now be able to use the LiquidMetrix WorkStation to analyze the performance of their trade flows on North American markets for best execution and TCA with millisecond precision. The new data coverage complements the existing powerful pre-and post -trade analytics on European markets already provided by LiquidMetrix products by enabling clients to roll-out LiquidMetrix services on a wider geographic basis.

Sabine Toulson, Managing Director at IFS states, “Strong data is the key to driving research and analytics making partnering with a leading provider a core component of our expansion into North America. Our clients come to us for precise and accurate benchmarking information and Activ was an obvious choice to supply the US equity market data considering their position in the US market.”

“Activ’s coverage of the US equities market is unsurpassed and we are pleased to bring our data to the European trading community through our partnership with IFS LiquidMetrix,” said Dane Thacker, Sales Director, EMEA at ACTIV Financial. “The combination of IFS LiquidMetrix’s research and analytics and Activ’s best in class data will help drive trading decisions around the world.”

About Activ Financial

ACTIV Financial is a global full-service market data provider specializing in the delivery of ultra low-latency, high-availability market data. ACTIV provides end-to-end solutions including direct-feed technologies, hardware acceleration data feeds, global consolidated data feeds, ticker plants, enterprise solutions and tick/news databases, all combined with a large-scale distribution and fan-out technologies. ACTIV is privately owned with offices in Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and London, serving over 400 customers worldwide, managing more than 120 feed handlers and nearly 20 data centers spread across five continents.

About IFS LiquidMetrix

Intelligent Financial Systems (IFS) is a London based research and market data analysis company. Since the implementation of MiFID in 2007, IFS have developed a suite of services under the LiquidMetrix brand focused on transaction cost analysis, Best Execution compliance and pre-trade cost prediction for Europe’s increasingly fragmented equity markets. Since autumn 2009, IFS is offering these services via its LiquidMetrix WorkStation terminal. These services operate using a proprietary multi-terabyte database of full depth order book data covering major European equity Exchanges and MTFs.

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